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Hey I'm Ross and I'm 17 years old and I am currently studying Intermediate 2 I.T. I live in the middle of nowhere outside Banff but originally came from Stirling and will be moving back down at the end of the year.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

This weeks Pro's amd Cons

This weeks frantic and frustrating update.


was straight forward as far as college went but I had to go Christmas shopping for four people in half an hour before my bus which was no easy task but I pulled through in the end.


My day off college which was the pro. BUT, going to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth out was definately the con.


I was absent from college because the morning after the night before was definately not a pretty sight, blood was everywhere so I came to the conclusion I had slept on my head.


Thursday means it's the last day of the penultamate week before the Christmas holidays and I would say it has been my best day this week. I finished as much as I possible could, with the information I have, in Web Development and spent the rest of the lesson helping others who had problems with the HTML coding.

Lunch was also good because I was brave enough to try a bacon roll even tho I have been eating soft foods which were mostly liquid or near enough liquid as my mums pasta went.

After lunch takes me to now after just completing a Photo Walking task within a group of my class mates which I found very interesting.


The day of Pride, or the day of Failure. I sit my Theory test in the next step of my driving goal so needless to say I will be buried into the computer trying to drill all the information I need to pass. Well the things that aren't common sense or already drilled in but with any luck I'll pass first time and be driving with a full liscense, either before or after, New Year.

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