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Hey I'm Ross and I'm 17 years old and I am currently studying Intermediate 2 I.T. I live in the middle of nowhere outside Banff but originally came from Stirling and will be moving back down at the end of the year.

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Well over the holidays:

  • There was no heating in my house so I spent most of the time wearing extra layers of clothing.
  • I have also had 3 couples visit to view the house.
  • I have had back to back driving lessons practising manoeuvres until I was blue in the face.
  • I worked most of the time trying to finish my house so it can finally be sold.
  • I went through to Kemnay regularly to see the other and better half and also went to Banff to see my mates.

If I wasn't doing any of the above then 99.9% of the time I was seeking solitude in my room relaxing and playing the PS3. Not an ideal October holiday but I suppose it could have been worse.


Duncan said...

Y'see, Ross, we're all brought up to think that students just laze around when they're not in college. No-one realises the effort that some folk put in during their time away from College.

Good luck with a'thing.

Ross200 said...

Well to be fair most of the time I imagine that all students do but there's always a time when you have no other choice.

Duncan said...

Speaking to some of my HNC students about incidents in their childhood, I was suprised that only one had something good or bad to recall about a computer. Everything else was the standard falling off bikes/boards, water fights, and the 'normal' childhood memories.