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Hey I'm Ross and I'm 17 years old and I am currently studying Intermediate 2 I.T. I live in the middle of nowhere outside Banff but originally came from Stirling and will be moving back down at the end of the year.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Shambala. Page 10

After evading the Chinese security you stop to catch your breath only to spot a large disgruntled looking security officer heading towards you, however, although he hasn't seen you yet you can still feel a worrying chill run up your spine which causes you to panic and stumble onto a book shelf which suddenly falls apart leading into a long, dark corridor.

As you fumble your way down to the narrow passage you can hear a distinctive noise far off in the distance which sets off another chill as your imagination starts irrationally picturing an army of security each griping a baton in one hand and gently resting his hands on his pistol.

Upon reaching the end of the corridor there are lighted torches mounted on the wall creating an eerily dim light which reveals two separate doorways fifty metres ahead. To the left the noise is more distinctive and you can hear chatter as if it leads to an outdoor enclosure. On the other hand you glance at the right option which appears deathly silent. But which way is the safest way?

You decide to risk it an go through the noiser door to try and hide in amongst people to make your escape...... turn to page 11

You decide to take the safer bet and go through the quiet door in the hope theres no-one there and also a way out to get to Shangrila. Turn to page page 14