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Hey I'm Ross and I'm 17 years old and I am currently studying Intermediate 2 I.T. I live in the middle of nowhere outside Banff but originally came from Stirling and will be moving back down at the end of the year.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Mid week update part 2

Well although I published a post yesterday I regret to inform those trusted few that I can now only post blogs when at college or at a friends due to my dad throwing a wobbly and smashing the home computer into many pieces so needless to say..... No Internet.

Well Today has seen the usual routine;

Web Development & Fundamentals never failing to impress me. Then came lunch which was the usual place with the usual suspects, Crusty's for food then the Lochside Bar for some games of pool although we didn't today because the pool table was taken. Weblogs refused my admittance even tho I was only five minutes late out of the fifteen minute maximum so I am currently at the IT Centre at the college.

Tomorrow's forecast is a early driving lesson spell followed a long spell of traveling from Banff to Aberdeen by bus, then a train to Stirling for the greatly anticipated clash between my home, Stirling Albion and my supported team Celtic.

In the end i decided to stand at the Albion side because I am goin to the game with my uncle, brother and his other half.

So as reference to my older post, Stirling won the battle but we shall see on Saturday who will win the war.

Sunday will see another cloudy spell of travelling although it will be worse than the way there because the train from Stirling terminates at Dundee, leaving me to get a bus from Dundee to Aberdeen, although the bus is through the train company, Scotrail.

As for my last post regarding worldwide topics I will keep you informed as I wait for a news headline to catch my eye.

Bye for now

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