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Thursday, 27 September 2007


Now before we begin todays lesson i would like to apologise for this essay but this is a reflection of thoughts and feelings.

How life began for Radio 1:

Taking a brief step back in time, the first radio's came around in the early 50's with a total of three basic stations if you will, these basically consisted of;

  1. Home: Which is self explanatory

  2. Light: which basically consisted of news stations

  3. Classical: Which again is self explanatory

But suddenly everything changed and the 60's began and thus a new era of music began. Upon hearing of this revelation, radio stations chose to ignore the new age of music and remain loyal to the stations they were currently airing.

Pirate radio was then brought about by vessels lying at the British coast, illegally brodcasting the records to over 20million listeners, with no commission given to the artists.

Then, in 1967 the idea of a single radio station brodcasting different genres of music, news bulletins, Radio 1 was born with The Rolling Stones taking the honours of the first song legally played.


Producers basically have the role of deciding what will be done in each show and when it will be done. For instance; Piers Bradford is the producer for one of the DJ's, Jo Whiley, and decides what competitions will take place etc.

Still with me?

The DJ's for each show are the actual hosts of the shows, the people behind the microphone if you will, playing the music and talking to the listeners and so on.

Some of the more popular DJ's include;

  • Chris Moyles
  • Jo Whiley
  • Colin Murray
  • Sarah Cox
  • Zane Lowe
  • Edith Bowman
  • Vernan Kay
  • Dave Pearce
  • Scott Mills
  • JK & Joel


A playlist is the list of songs that get played on each show. Playlists are categorised into;

  1. A list: most popular songs which get played roughly 35x a week

  2. B list: quite popular songs which get played roughly 10x a week

  3. C list: fairly popular songs which get played only 5x a week

Each playlist is found by Puggers. A plugger is the person that finds new artists and tracks that the listeners would like as well as some golden oldie's to be included in the playlist. Sanita Jagpal is but one of many designated pluggers.

Once the playlists have been decided they are sent to Alex Jones Donnely, the head of music, who has the final say on which tracks and playlist will actually be played.


The reporters are the Newsbeat team that read the news every few hours each day on the latest happenings in the world be it news, sports, entertainment or fashion.

They are always scheduled to start at 8am so its always a hectic day for some of the reporters such as Andy Brown and Natalie Jamieson who are responsible for going out and finding the stories. Once the stories are collaberated, Rod McKenzie, the editor, puts everything together and hands it over to Georgina Bowman who is the newsreader and tells the news on air.



As with everything in life, publicity is a key factor to radio and Radio 1 always look for ways to improve publicity by organising events al over the UK as well as abroad, especially in places where the Brits commonly go for example Ibiza.

Julian Payne is in charge for publicty and has the role of finding different ways to attract new listeners but always having to bear in mind that the average age group of listeners is 15-27 year olds. Once he has found the perfect solution he shares his idea with James wood who is in charge of marketing and decides on the budget of the idea and helps the plan go into effect.


Duncan said...

Great pacing to your report, Ross.

I like your "still with me" comment - not too flippant or derogatory.

Best in class to date.

Ross200 said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. It took a while to be published because it was saved as a draft and I forgot to add it in my pen drive.